Focus Facial

Laser energy is delivered quickly with less heat and discomfort than traditional lasers with virtually no downtime. The Focus Facial targets facial pigmentation with minimal thermal damage to surrounding skin while simultaneously addressing fine lines and wrinkles by regenerating collagen and elastin.

• Must not have had sun exposure or the use of  sunless tanning spray/lotions within 2 weeks and must refrain from sunless tanning throughout the treatment plan.

• Avoid retinol and skincare products containing acidic ingredients (glycolic, salicylic, lactic) for 5 days prior to session.

• Begin taking antiviral prophylaxis treatment 5 days prior if prone to Herpes I or II in the area to be treated.

• Shave the treatment area the night before if the area has abundant hair growth.

• Multiple sessions (tailored to need ) for pigmentation irregularities are recommended for optimal results.

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