IPL Photofacial

Overall skin revitalization  occurs through reduction of pigmented and vascular lesions. Light (IPL)converts to heat to break up targeted pigment in the skin. IPL is used to treat the face as well as areas on the body such as décolleté and hands. Common treatable conditions include hyperpigmentation (dark/brown spots), sun damage, freckles, rosacea, facial telangiectasias, port wine stains, and cherry angiomas. Downtime is minimal.

Several treatments ( one per decade of life) , 4-6 weeks apart, are recommended for optimal results.

• Must not be actively tanning (active sun exposure, outdoor tanning, tanning bed, self -tanning creams/lotions/sprays) within 2 weeks and should refrain throughout the treatment plan.

• Avoid retinol and skincare products containing acidic ingredients (glycolic, salicylic, lactic) for 5 days prior to session.

• Begin taking antiviral prophylaxis treatment 5 days prior if prone to Herpes I or II in the area to be treated.

• Shave the  treatment area the night before if the area has abundant hair growth.

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